Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swagbucks 101

Search & Win

OK so if you have not signed you for Swagbucks you really should.  Basically the principal is simple...use the Swagbucks tool bar or to perform your internet searches.  Each time you search you have a chance at winning "Swagbucks" once you accrue enough of them you redeem them for gifcards or other items.  You can also earn one Swagbuck a day with the daily poll and they have retailers that give you Swagbucks for qualifying purchase (much like the MyPoints program but that will be another post). 

So let me explain that this is NOT too good to be true or that there is a "catch".  As a former marketing manager I am more than aware of the expense behind search engine marketing.  Companies pay search engines based on "click thrus" for delivering their website at the top of a list when a certain keyword is searched.  An example is "Memphis grocery stores" and the top links provided are Kroger, Schnucks and Piggly Wiggly...typically it will say somewhere "sponsored links" or something to that effect.   That shows that when you click on that link the company pays money to the search engine.  Search engines like Swagbucks are offering incentives to get more people to search to increase the traffic to the sponsored links. 

So by offering Swagbucks that can be turned into giftcards they are passing some of their profits on to you all while encouraging you to make them more money.  See how it works?  So sign up and reap the rewards!  At the top of my page is a link to Swagbucks (also one in this post) and I would appreciate if you used that to sign Swagbucks can share more profits with me!  :)


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