Monday, June 21, 2010

Schnucks and using Waglreen's Register Rewards

Ok so I have successfully done this now 3 times and I feel comfortable telling others about it.  Schnucks will take a Walgreen's Register Reward as long as it says manufacturer coupon (which they always do).  The reason this is so exciting to me is because frequently there are some great money making deals at Wags that I will do a couple of times but not more than that because I don't want to be stuck with more RRs than I can use in the next two weeks.  Well problem solved...Schnucks will take them!  What really excites me about this is that when I have a money maker (like the Nivea Body wash which was a $3 money maker) it means that I can use them for meat or produce.  Since it is rare to have a coupon on those this was a way for me to basically save 50% because of the RR.  example Wags has Nivea for Men on for $5.99 get back $6 in RR, use $3 off coupon and pay $2.99 still get back $6 in RR.  Even if you paid out of pocket for the $2.99 but then used the RR at Schnucks it would be like getting 50% off your $6 worth of meat, produce (or whatever you purchase).  I went Sunday and bought $36 of produce and meat, paid with my RR and ended up with an oop of only $1.24(that includes my tax).  Now granted I had a little under $14 oop on the RR's (including tax) but that still means I truely saved over $20 (including tax) on my purchase.  I love that!  So my Wags game plan will change some, now I will try to roll my RR's to keep my oop low however when there is a big money maker I am just going to go all out because I know I can use them elsewhere.  Now if Kroger would just take them I would be really happy.  I have tried them before with no luck, but this week I plan on trying again.  Maybe something has changed.


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