Sunday, May 9, 2010

Writing companies in hopes of coupons.

Since my awesome coupon score from writing several companies I decided to start a list, so this is a random sampling of companies that come to mind that I have found the websites for and written a note to.  I am using to search and am hoping to score at least a few points.

Spam ( I don't just popped in my head)
Kraft Foods
Tombstone Pizza
Lactaid  (received coupons)
Rotel Tomato
Sanderson Farms
Tyson Foods  (received coupons)
Speed Stick (received coupons for most of the products colgate makes)
Sargento Cheese (received coupons)

I listed the ones that I have already written as well and what I got.  I need to sit and think of other companies and I will work on putting out a new list wach week.  Enjoy!


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