Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shopping today

I went to WAG's this morning and scored 2 free body washes (well really 4 because we did the transaction twice) and cheap Spam.  I hate to admit we like that stuff. but on a Saturday it makes for a super easy, and very salty, sandwich.   So with a Hormel coupon that I can't figure out where I got because I only had one which is very odd, it was $1.50 off three and the Spam is $1.99 each after coupon they were $1.49.  That is a decent deal and ended up being kinda my filler item on one transaction so I was able to use lots of RR's.  Glad to use some RR's because lately I have really accumulated them!!  I also use my papers as a filler item on Sundays so this was a good weekend to get ahead on my RR's.  I really was starting worry that I had so many of them that I was going to have to get items that were not a good deal just to use them up.  How I got there I don't know.  I track my spending closely and my OOP has not increased so dunno.  Maybe it was from a couple weeks ago when I scored so many money makers, but none the less it was nice to get those RR's under control.

We also went to Walmart today.  We were in Mississippi for the afternoon and I figured while we were down there we might as well hit up ol wallie world and take advantage of the almost 2% difference in sales, for those of you who don't know me...this is my LEAST favorite store out there.  I am not a fan and seldom go unless I have lots of coupons that match up with some great sales.  Well nothing was overly exciting but I saved 57% today so it was a decent visit.  I did two transactions.  The reason I did two was because of a rebate on Banquet Family Size dinners from the April All You Magazine.  In addition to the rebate I also had a $1.50 coupon also from the April All you.  I combined that purchase with 4 Scotch Brite sponges (man I have a lot of those things now) but between the coupon and the $0.16 overage on the $1/1 Scotch Brite coupon (if you did not get that when it was available shame on you because it was in a PDF and has unlimited prints) I ended up paying $0.53 for the whole transaction including tax!  Came home and submitted the rebate and will get back $3.  Way cool!  I love it when a plan comes together...ok sorry about that, I have A-Team on the brain now...I REALLY wanna see that movie!!  Sorry back on track.....

One of the reasons that I hate Walmart is because they are very NON coupon friendly.  Today I was very, very, very impressed with how sweet our cashier was.  Now don't get me wrong the register beeped like a million times, but she took it in stride very well and just pushed them through.  Ahhh a breath of fresh air!!  Though honestly one experience is not going to change my mind, still not my fav store!!

So how did you do today?


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