Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fast Fixin Products

I have a handful of coupons for this company and was not familiar with them. I went to their website to see what they offered and who sold it. That is when I found this offer to join fanactics. Once I joined it printed 5 $1/1 coupons, this was a bricks coupon and I did not hit the back button to see if it would print more. I really was only printing this out of curiosity and did not expect to get 5 of them!

So then after exploring on the site I find this offer:

Get Free Product Coupons
Turn trash into cash (as good as cash, anyway). Clip the UPCs (the bar codes they scan at the supermarket) from Fast Fixin' packages. For every 10 UPCs that you send us, we'll mail you a free product coupon. Mail your UPCs to Fast Fixin' Fanatics, P.O. Box 21804, Oklahoma City, OK 73156.

I don't know if these are good or not, but they sure are coupon friendly and I really LOVE companies that love us coupon gals!


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