Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ya Snooze Ya Loose waiting to shop

I meant to post this yesterday, but just could not find the motivation to sit and type..dunno guess the holiday weekend thing had me out of whack.  Yesterday I got out of the house for a little bit and finally head to a couple of stores to grab some deals.  This was a slower week and I was not so excited about a deal that I jumped up and headed out Sunday morning.  Well shame on me!  Yesterday I hit up 2 CVS stores and one Rite Aid.  First stop was CVS, a new one a little closer to home so I was excited to see that they were open.  I head in and there are exactly 6 Sobe Lifewaters in the ENTIRE store.  Ok, so I was able to get 6 and they were flavors that I like so I was ok with that.  I left with 6 bottles, paid $0.44 and earned a $1 ECB from my green bag tag.  Then we headed to Rite Aid up the road a little.  At Rite Aid I had no luck at all, two of the items I wanted were GONE!  Like GOOOONNNEEE!  So I just put my stack of coupons and my list back in my binder and headed over to the second CVS.  The second CVS is much further from home but close to the In-Laws house which worked because they had a birthday present for me (yay!)and she keeps coupons for me too (double yay!).  We head in there and they have more Sobe but mostly flavors I don't like.  Hmph!  I managed to get enough for two transactions, the hubbie when through the line and I did too.  I also had some expired ECB's...oops!  They rocked and they took my expired ECB's with no issues.  I was not excited about the sales but I did get 3 boxes of cereals and rolled my ECB's.  Post cereals were on sale for 3 for $10 and get back $5 ECB's, I did not have any coupons but since I had ECB's that I knew were originally money makers I feel like I still scored a good deal but was just happy to use the expired ones and not loose that money completely.  So here I am it is Tuesday, I still have a ton of Sobe coupons and I still have a whole transaction planned for Rite Aid with all the coupons.  UGH and to add insult to injury Rite Aid and CVS are NOT close to my home and are NOT on my way home from work (boo since my rite Aid closed) so I might just move on.  I don't see the point in heading all over town for deals, it is just not worth it, especially during the week.  Sigh and I was stoked about my money maker trip to Rite Aid. 

How did you do this weekend?


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