Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SOBE LIFE WATER Coupon reset! No print limit????

HAHAHAHA This is cracking me up!  I am SURE this will not last, I have a sneaking suspicion that someone made a boo boo and somehow messed up when they reset this coupon.  I can only assume there is not a print limit as I printed it about 15/16 times and it just kept printing.  I love Sobe Lifewaters!  I mean they are sooooo good and every time they are on sale at Target where I can make a little profit that makes me happy.  So no there is no profit to be made on these from what I am to understand they are going to BOGO at CVS next week.  Pair that with a BOGO coupon and YAYYYY free Sobe!  Head over and play the Heads or Tails game at Sobe and "win" a BOGO coupon.  I have chosen the young black man and everytime I win, so I bet you will find the same thing.  Once you print the coupon hit the back button a few times and it will print another one...keep doing it until you have the number you want.  I would do this soon, I just can't imagine this will continue.  If you love them and want them free (just pay the taxes) this is a sweet deal for ya...GO PLAY!


Anonymous said...

I got 10 coupons, that means 20 free drinks!!!! Thanks for the heads up!

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