Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Sunday Shopping 6/13

I ran to Wag's this morning... I have already put everything away or I would snap a picture or all the goodies.  So here is what I did (this is from memory so excuse me if my prices are off a wee bit, but you will get the idea)

Wags was 4 transactions (um yeah and I did that three times...the hubbie was NOT happy with me when he had to go through the line with 4 transactions)

Transaction #1

3 Neutrogena Facial Soap $2.02 (25% off)
used a $5 RR left over from last week.
Paid $1.02 + tax and got back a $10 RR  (and just think how much better this would have been with a coupon!)

Transaction #2

1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual or Power Razor System $9.89
1 Nivea For Men Active 3 Body Wash, 16.9oz $5.99
1 Newspaper $2.00 (was my filler I like to use newspapers as fillers because I know I will use them)
Used  $4/1 Gillette Fusion razor 06-06-10 PG and
$3/1 Nivea Body Wash For Men, Any 16.9 Fl. Oz. – 05-02-10 RP
$10 RR from Neutrogena transaction
Paid $0.88 + Tax and got back $6 RR from Nivea  and $5 RR Gillette

Transaction #3

1 Nivea For Men Active 3 Body Wash, 16.9oz $5.99
$3/1 Nivea Body Wash For Men, Any 16.9 Fl. Oz. – 05-02-10 RP
Paid $2.99 + tax and got back $66 RR from Nivea  ( I wanted another RR to use for my next transaction and since this is a $3 money maker I did not mind having a little more OOP on this one)

Transaction # 4
3 Bertolli's $6.99 (you could buy 2 PF Changs at $7.99 and omit one of the RR's)
used 2 $6 RR's from Nivea and 1 $5 RR from Gillette
Paid $3.97 + Tax and got back $5
This was my favorite transaction, because by the time you consider how many money maker deals were used to get all these RR's you really are not paying much for the frozen meals and  they are great for the hubbie to fix for dinner or the nights he gets home before I do.

Whew I was tired after all that rolling, but all in all I think it was worth it and I have a $5 RR left for starting the next set.  I have more Nivea coupons ( I mean WAY more) and I have heard that it is ringing up BOGO which is pretty cool...I kinda wanna check it out but not today.  Even if they are not BOGO tomorrow they are still a $3 money maker on every transaction and for me that is pretty cool.  I like to use Money makers to either pay for my papers or to pay for things that seldome have coupons that way I am making my own sale!


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