Monday, June 14, 2010

$3 off any Adams Flea & Tick products

I love coupons like this, higher major size restrictions...and in a pdf!!  HA!  You can score a $3 off any Adam's Flea & Tick products (excluding collars) and use for those pesky fleas.  Of course wouldn't you know it we just bought a bottle of flea spray. The hubbie was a good coupon hubbie and remembered to ask if I had any coupons and at that time there were not any out, so as fate would have it we buy some and a few days later here it is!  No biggie though, I am sure we will need more and this one does not expire until September 30th so we have plenty of time.  That does not mean wait and print later, because they can take this coupon down any time and you don't want to miss out.  I wonder if there are smaller bottles on sale somewhere...hmmmm maybe time to go on a fact finding mission.  I will let ya know what I find!


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