Monday, May 3, 2010

Want more coupons? Write companies!!

Ok so I have not been in the habit of this but after seeing someone post a list of company websites on a blog (I am sorry but I have forgotten who, if you know leave me a comment because I wanna go back to the list! lol) I wrote a few companies and paid them compliments and a couple I actually told them how I don't like something about their products. I got a few emails back and nothing exciting, but today in the mail I got several responses. Tyson rocks they sent me 4 $1/1 any Tyson product and they don't expire until 12/31/10...sweet! I will keep an eye out for another deal at Piggly Wiggly so I can get another bag of chicken for under $3. Sargento sent me a coupon for one free product and a coupon for $0.50 also does not expire until 12/31. I also got a coupon from ConAgra for $0.50 off Peter Pan, it does not expire until 1/27/11. I wrote Lactaid (umm yeah that stuff rocks but is stupid expensive) not only did they sent me coupons but they also sent me 2 free boxes...not coupons but actual boxes!!!

I plan on starting a list of companies that I use and when I have time I can sit down one day and start writing. I wonder what else I can get?!?


Kimberly said...

Ahhh - tell me more about how you got the Lactaid! I have to use it for a while at random times - I so need some coupons or boxes of product! (did they include coupons for their milk or just the pills?)

Congrats to you for your find!

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