Friday, May 14, 2010

Walgreen's Shopping Rant

Ok so all the drugstores have pros and cons if you are a couponer.  I really wish I had a CVS close because I think I would do more shopping there than anywhere else, however in Memphis there is a Wag's on EVERY corner.  Now don't get me wrong I love Wag's because there are no limits, but what a pain they can be in so many other ways.  Yesterday, after a very LOOOONNNG day at work I headed to the Wag's that is on my way home.  I have a little cashier there that I adore, he is so great to me and has become more than savvy with the whole coupon to item ratio and all the other nit picky Wag's issues and when my brain is not firing on all cylinders he helps me.  In fact he is such a sweetie that if he has not seen me that week he sometimes stashes products for me because he knows I will be there him!!  He was not there yesterday, instead I got a cashier that has worked at Wag's for a whole 2 weeks.  Umm yeah, so I was exhausted and had no choice but to shop because my RR's were expiring (can't let that happen!).  There I was, coupons and RR's in hand and for the life of me I just could not make my brain work right.  I wanted to get the Schick Razors and Cartridges..I had 2 coupons.  I also had 2 Schick RR's that were about to expire so I needed to roll them but did not feel like trying to see if they would jack up my latest Schick transaction (which I am sure the way my day was going they would so why even go there?).  I don't need any more shaving cream, but they had the EOS ones on sale $2.99 get back $3 in RR's with no coupon so I figured that would work for me.  What was I thinking?  I had 4 different transactions and had the order worked out to where I could roll some of the RR's I was getting and use others that I already had...looks right...I check my basket, my Q's, my RR's and do it a second time for good measure.  I get to the register and POOF!  My brain turns off and I act like I have never done this before.  I was clueless!!!  What the heck?!?!  So I had a $3 RR and I was trying to use it on a $2.99 item, oops can't do that.  Was that making sense to me, nope..I could not figure out what the problem was and my newbie cashier was so lost I don't think she knew how to scan anymore by the time I was through.  Finally somehow my brain turned back on and I scurried through the store to grab filler items and everything went as planned.   Somehow after all my retardness 3 of my 4 transactions worked as planned and I don't know what I did but one of the transactions had an out of pocket that was a lil more than I wanted.  I was so tired and I so did not care that I just went home...I rolled my RR's scored some money maker razors and cheap cartridges and some free shaving cream so it is not like it was a total loss, however for some reason I felt like I was a newbie all over again.  Does this happen to anyone else?  Please someone just say it does so I will not feel like a complete and total retard.


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