Monday, May 17, 2010

Shame on me! Gillette body wash deal at Walgreen's

This morning I was surfing around a little on the internet and I bounced over to WildforWag's (it is a must read for Walgreen's fans!!) and she had this posted....

"The Gillette coupons in today’s ad give you most bang for your buck as far as the Gillette RR deal goes and it works with no beeps or issues. (I bought the jello because otherwise I’d be a penny short and not able to use my $3 RR.)

1 – Gillette Body Wash $4.49
1 – Gillette Odor Shield Deodorant $4.99
1 – Royal Gelatin $.19
Total = $9.67


-Get Gillette Body Wash FREE wyb Gillette Anti-perspirant/deodorant 05-16-10 RP (Takes OFF $4.49)
-$2/1 Gillette Odor Shield Anti-perspirant/deodorant 05-16-10 RP
-$3 RR EOS
Total = $0.18

Get Back = $4.50!"
The reason I say shame on me is because I have not stayed on top of my coupon clipping and because we have this wonky thing going on here in Memphis with the Red Plum insert.  We used to get it in the mail and now you have to get it in the paper, on Tuesday's I think, but I don't know this for sure because unlike others in Memphis I got no notification.  Basically Tuesday came and went and I had no Red Plum, and yet a co-worker did get it and in the mail no less.  I have no idea what is happening with that mess. When I went online to Red Plum to see what is up it tells me they don't even offer the Red Plum in my area...what?!?  So yes I have a Red Plum insert from this week thanks to my buddy Raymond (thanks babe!) however did I look at it?  No!  Did I see the coupons for Gillette?  No!  Have I already been to Wag's and gotten 3 body washes and a deodorant?  Why yes, of course!  UGHHHHH  Now do I go back?  I have ample RR's to roll and the hubbie likes having all these body washes, but do I really need more?  DILEMMAS!


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