Monday, May 17, 2010

Heartburn Releif and Walgreen's

Today I have wanted to know that didn't you... and after reading an article about meds like Nexium/Prilosec/Previcid and the like I am starting to wonder if I should switch to something else.  So I was looking at drug store ads and coupon databases(one that I like is at ConsumerQueen) to see if I could find any good deals out there so I could try OTC heartburn control for little to no money. Then can discuss what worked with my doc to see if that is a viable option for me. Here are a couple that I found at my old buddy Wag's

Tums Dual Action $8.99, earn $3.00 RR

Use $2/1 Tums Dual Action 3/28 RP or
Use $3/1 Tums Dual Action
As low as $5.99, get back $3.00 RR = like paying $2.99

Zantac 24 or 30 count $8.99
Use $2/1 Zantac 75 from 5/16 SS or
Use $2/1 Zantac Product from 1/31 SS or
Use $3/1 Zantac (24 ct+) May All You 2010

As low as $5.99, earn $3.00 RR = like paying $2.99


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