Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coupon for Free Tropicana

Starting today (May 26th), Tropicana Juicy Rewards has a one day only deal offering a coupon for FREE Orange Juice.  you will have to redeem 5 points to get the reward. There are only 50,000 available coupons with a limit of one per account and they mail you the coupon, so you want to act now to get your free coupon!
If you haven’t started using Tropicana Rewards yet, you register for free and then enter codes that are under orange juice carton caps. Each code gives you 3 points.  There are codes available from time to time that will earn you a point here and there.  The points are redeemed for discounts on attractions and occasionally on coupons.  I have gotten 3 coupons so far, a BOGO and two Free cartons.  Funny thing is that all the points I have are from the cartons they have more or less given me with the coupons!!  Basically they give me the juice and that gives me points to redeem for more free juice!!!!  HAHAHAHA


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