Monday, April 26, 2010

Free Fig Newtons at CVS

I love Fig Newtons, something about them makes me remember my childhood. I printed two of the coupons that were available on Facebook(click here to get) not knowing if I would really buy them or not. We really don't have things like that in the budget right now, I am on a mission to cut the grocery expenses big time and funnel that money to a credit card bill. So nonessentials are out right now, well while I was a CVS yesterday I saw the small containers of Newtons were 5/$5...sweeeeettt! So I used my two coupons and got two boxes for free, well still had to pay the tax, but I had an big overage on the ECB I was using so I was still ahead. LOVE THIS! Go get yours now!!! (if you have the $1 off Wheat Thins coupon they have a small box for a buck there too so get both!)


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