Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So today I have had a chance to glance at the new Kroger ad, there are a few things I am pretty interested in. I am trying to start my stockpile so I really only buy things when they are on sale. I feel confident that I am really close and am starting to feel like the time spent is paying off.

Yesterday I went to Target. They have a sale on Ore Ida potatoes, buy 2 get one free. I had some coupons for $1.50 off two that were about to expire and even though this was not the best deal I have seen I wanted to take advantage of it since I have no frozen potato at this time. I had 3 coupons, I was wondering if I could use all three yet only take advantage of the buy two get one free deal. It worked! Unfortunately I can't find my receipt so I can't give the exact totals, but I am happy with it! I can say though, I had a TERRIBLE experience at check out. I have noticed that Target is not overly coupon friendly. Since they don't double I don't go there all that often and when I do it is for very specific items so it is getting annoying that almost every time I am there I have a bad experience. Grrr

Oh and I got the Kroger My Magazine in the mail today. This theme is Spring Make Overs...there are a few coupons that have potential. I had hoped for some spring cleaning coupons because I need to stock up on cleansers, getting kinda low and I prefer not to pay much (if anything)for cleansers.


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